Letter from Kim Gandy 6/20/08
    President of NOW

    "[T]here's just something about [Hillary Clinton] that feels castrating, overbearing, and
    Tucker Carlson on MSNBC

    Dear Andre,

    Last week CBS news anchor Katie Couric said, "Senator Clinton
    has received some of the most unfair, hostile coverage I've ever
    seen," and ignited a firestorm among her colleagues in the media,
    who rushed to attack both the messenger and her message.

    MSNBC's Keith Olbermann went so far as to name Couric as The
    Worst Person in the World last Thursday for "her promulgation of
    the nonsense that Senator Clinton was a victim of pronounced

    You and I, and all of us who have been inspired by the historic
    presidential campaign of Hillary Clinton, have been sick at heart
    at the unrelenting sexist smearing by the media, which has ranged
    from offensive to downright vile.

    But the misogynists have now taken it further, and have made it
    clear that any woman, even from among their own ranks, who
    speaks out against the media's sexism toward Hillary is herself fair
    game for their vicious attacks.

    With your help, NOW will stand up against the sexist bullies with
    an expanded Campaign for Feminist Media. We are ramping up
    our on-going campaign that, for more than a decade, has been
    confronting both the media and the advertising industry over
    demeaning and degrading images and portrayals of women.

    Your generous contribution will allow us to expand our media
    activism as we inaugurate the "Media Hall of Shame," which
    documents the worst of the sexist media aimed at Senator
    Clinton during primary season, and gives activists an opportunity
    to Talk Back to the media.

    As our campaign expands, we will continue to track the media
    through the General Election, and beyond -- encouraging
    individuals to take ongoing media action as part of NOW's
    Talkback Team.

    We owe it to Hillary Clinton, who showed nothing but courage
    and dignity under fire, not to let the media treat another woman
    in this way ever again.

    We owe it to all the women who have been inspired by Hillary to
    run for office themselves not to let them be subjected to the
    misogyny of the media.

    Most of all, we owe it to ourselves, our daughters, our sisters,
    our mothers, not to allow a sexist media to ever discourage any
    woman from reaching for her dreams.

    Please join with us by making a generous contribution, in honor
    of Hillary Clinton and the values we share, to NOW's Media
    Campaign today.
    For equality,

    Kim A. Gandy
    NOW President

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