How beautiful the world is when we live and work together in peace.
Global Strategy of Nonviolence
Mother Theresa said, “Peace begins with a smile.”
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The People must be
HEARD, the Moderate

We want the children to
see an overt exhibit of

When the world focuses on the children with programs directly
providing food and shelter, as an umbrella
for all issues, paradigm change will occur.

Paradigm change requires a "catalyst."
A Global Strategy of Nonviolence calls upon the Women of the World
to "mobilize" and create the largest, nonviolent peace movement
the world has ever seen!

Who will lead?
There are people in the world who have no hope of peace,
for themselves or for their family.
This is an initiative to give people hope.
The whole world must unify over a
common cause:
the children.

NEW: a CALL to WOMEN 2010
There is a DOOR OPEN.  
A People Movement is needed

Let's "Reach into Every Household"

NEW: Arun Gandhi in Boston
Boston Plans for the WM
November 6 and 7, 2009 - Plans
NEW:  A New World Leader has Arisen
Leymah Gbowee
NEW:  WORLD MARCH for Peace and Nonviolence (WM)
NEW:  The Olive Branch
Comments after the election of Barak Obama
    Testimonials: From Letters to Andre Sheldon

    Howard Zinn - author, activist
    Your "Call to Women" is excellent. Well written, clear, strong.  
    No doubt women represent non-violence best.                      10/25/04
    Margarita Papandreou - Former 1st lady of Greece,
    Co-founder of WINPEACE "This sounds like a positive initiative." 1/6/08
    Gila Svirsky - Co-founder of Coalition for Women for Peace
    I completely agree with your vision and overall approach – to
    mobilize women to lead the way to peace.  This has been core to
    our peace activism in Israel for almost 20 years.                     ...10/8/07
    Helen Caldicott -
    "I think this is a very good idea..."                                         ...11/28/03

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Watch for Announcements:
February 11, 2008

Date updated
March 23, 2010

List of Updates

    The time has come to create change.  Evidence abounds that women are needed.
    Women Leaders will issue a CALL to WOMEN by issuing an announcement:

"Women are uniting around the world"
followed by specific instructions

Women leaders must come to the forefront to make this happen!

A woman Gandhi is needed now!
Please click the new link below to a Call to Women 2010 and the "Evidence"