A Global Strategy of Nonviolence is based on
    the practices of Gandhi and King.  The plan is
    for a world-wide mobilization for nonviolence.

    We do this, not for ourselves, but for others.

    The following initiative is designed to give hope
    that peace in the world can be accomplished and
    to enable everyone to participate. This is a
    concept of change.  Change comes with hardship.  

    We want to change individuals and societies to be
    peaceful and solve conflicts nonviolently, but not
    your individual identity, nation, religion, or

    The following is a plan to implement a worldwide peace movement:

    A “Global Strategy of Nonviolence (GS of NV), For the Children,"
    is a people movement, led by women, but not exclusive to women.
    It is designed to teach and exemplify how to practice nonviolence,
    locally and globally.  The goal is to teach and illustrate to the
    children of the world the strength of nonviolence.  

    The implementation is via an initiative called a “Call to Women: a
    World-Wide Unity Campaign.”  Women leaders (a Council of
    Women) will unite to inspire, guide and empower women to
    mobilize in order to prevent and stop war. They will create change,
    not wait for it.  Men are not excluded.  

    The initiative is meant to be a catalyst to attract media attention
    and financing.  When women are empowered, recognized, and
    capitalized, they will have an incredible ability to create political

    The plan is for women to mobilize around the world, utilizing
    nonviolence, in every village, town, and city.  Men will be
    encouraged to join them. Everyone will be able to participate.
    The people don't have to go to a central location, they rally in
    the area they live in.  The Council of Women will use this
    worldwide mobilization of non-violent protest to give credence
    to their political demands. Governmental leaders and the United
    Nations will recognize that the Council of Women represents millions
    of people across the globe. The initiative is also specifically aimed
    at children so that the experience the children have from the
    initiative will impact the way they react to other people and respond
    to conflict, both personal and societal, in their own lives.

    The mobilization of women and men around the world becomes an
    example of an emergency plan.  If the world prepares, practices and
    teaches nonviolence in an initiative, when an actual incident occurs,
    the people will know what to do, how, when and where to rally, take
    action, and exert political pressure, other than rushing to war.

    A team of leaders, advisors, and administrators will prepare the plans and implement the initiative.  
    The first year, of a three year plan, is an awareness campaign.   Everyone must know about the
    initiative!  Therefore, a "Call to Women" will be issued to initiate the largest nonviolent movement
    the world has ever seen!

    The people of the world will be asked to prepare for nonviolent mobilization, prepare for nonviolent
    conflict resolution (transition phase), and prepare to implement programs for the children.  The
    children are the one unifying principle that is shared worldwide.  The children must see that we can
    all live and work together without war and violence.


How beautiful the world is when we live and work together in peace.
Global Strategy of Nonviolence
Mother Theresa said, “Peace begins with a smile.”
Welcome! A Global Strategy of Nonviolence
FOR the CHILDREN A World-Wide Unity Campaign
A Strategy to Bring Peace For the Children and Stop  War
(GS of NV)

In 3 years, we the
people, can change the



Mobilize, in every village,
town, and city,in every

Select Demands
and Deadlines

One year awareness

Starting Event

June 21, 2021
+23 scheduled events


The People must be
HEARD, the Moderate

We want the children to
see an overt exhibit of

Conflict Resolution
and Disarmament


Programs For the