A Call to Women
Women are mobilizing around the world to stop war!
Based on the practices of Gandhi and King
to implement a
Global Movement of Nonviolence
For the Children


With respect, we, the women of the world are declaring that
we will not allow war in the world and we will intervene with
every NON-VIOLENT means possible to prevent it or stop
it!  We do this “For the Children.”


              I pledge my life to nonviolence

    With calm persistence, silent, but boisterous,
      I  resist violence, to set an example of non-violence

    I will not kill

    If I die, do not avenge my death, for I do
    this willingly, "For the Children."

  I accept the sacrifice that is required to accomplish my goal.

    I understand there will be risks.
    We do this, not just for ourselves, but for others.

    The following initiative is designed to give hope that peace in the world can
    be accomplished and to enable everyone to participate. This is a concept of
    change.  Change comes with hardship.  This is a strategy that states: We
    come in peace, we offer the olive branch, we are not a threat, we are not
    enemies, we are all part of the family of the human race, we have common
    bonds, we apologize for our misdeeds, we forgive your misdeeds, we need
    to heal the wounds, we need to start a GLOBAL ACTION to “transcend

    We want to change individuals and societies, but not
    your individual identity, nation, religion, or ideology.

Meria Heller - Spokesperson for a Call to Women

a World-Wide Unity Campaign