Phase two of GS of NV

    There are thousands of conflict resolution organizations and
    think tanks.  It is time for them to put their skills to work.  As the
    mobilization of women begins, there will be much opposition
    to change.  

    The Conflict Resolution segment of a GS of NV is vital.  As conflict
    arises during this process, governments and individuals must have
    assistance solving their problems nonviolently.  As a general rule,
    the entire initiative is designed to teach nonviolence and to set an
    example.  However, when actual conflict is confronted, practical
    methods must be employed and a system to implement them must
    be in place.  

    An International Conflict Resolution team will be created to work
    with the United Nations to represent all countries whenever there
    is conflict.  Each individual country will develop national teams to
    assist with all conflicts.  A GS of NV will develop a Conflict
    Resolution team to work with a Nonviolence team to prepare all
    the people in the initiative to resolve conflicts connected with

    There are specific NGO’s that would be asked to manage the
    specifics of each segment,  for example, a new organization called,
    Global Partnership to Prevent Armed Conflict (GPPAC) (based in
    Europe) and “PeaceWeb” (based in the US) , as well as many
    other groups, would be asked to come together to coordinate the

    Example:  PeaceWeb’s mission is:

          To inspire all people throughout the world to find the
    peacemaker within and support them as they take part in activities
    that make peace;
          To effectively link together individuals and organizations to
    build a powerful force for peace.

    There are three major segments of this phase.  The first is
    organizing conflict resolution systems, education, and a nonviolent
    peaceforce.  The second is disarmament, nuclear weapon
    elimination, reduction of arms sales, and de-militarization.  The
    third is setting up institutions for peace.  The entire phase is a
    segment of peace and nonviolence education for the children.

    Yin and Yang

    For every element, there is an opposite.  The way to find conflict
    resolution is to find an element both sides can agree on.  There
    are difficulties in bringing people together because people will have
    different points of view.  Emotions will be in the way.  Therefore, as
    a designated element to begin all mediation and negotiation, the
    focus will be on the children.

    The phrase, “For the Children,” is a direct focus for conflict resolution.  
    The relentless question will be, What are you doing for the children?  

    Some of the objectives of GS of NV are:
    Reduce and eliminate inflamatory rhetoric and replace it with
    conciliatory and uniting communications.  
    Reduce and eliminate arms sales

    There will be objection from the rich and powerful.  


    There are many techniques for mediation and negotiation.  If stopping or preventing war
    is the subject matter, then violence and nonviolence would be a major concern.  
    Communications would have to be civil and diplomatic.  The objective would most likely be
    to stop or prevent violence.  The emotion anger would be present.  The objective would
    be to alleviate or prevent anger.  The means in which communication takes place would
    have to concentrate on non-intimidation and non-alienation of either side, therefore, a
    need for nonviolent communication (NVC) (example - Nonviolent Communication –
    Marshall Rosenberg would be necessary.

    What communications are be taught to children at the playground when there is a
    dispute?  How would it differ from the communications of two countries?

    If the common ground between countries and societies was the children, how would NVC
    address the issue?

    What words would be used to pacify both sides?  What words would be used to
    communicate good will?  What words would be used to communicate that everyone feels
    the same and now people all over the world want to show the others that they are serious?

    What type of mass education can be developed?  What type of local education?  What
    are the main elements?

    See 7-7-07 Support for NVC
    “A call for action on teen violence”

    Education of the young.  What would you say to them?

    People in our family have conflict. (problems)
    People in the house next door
    People on the other side of the street
    People at the end of the street
    People at the other end of the city
    People at the other end of the country
    People in other countries

    The objective is to resolve the conflict.

    We will attempt to be understanding.  Non-secular
    Secular example
    Read the Pledge:         Created by Students and Instructors
    From:  Sacred Heart - Newton Country Day School (NCDS)

    Adults – What pledge would the adults commit to?

    Would the adults sign treaties?
    Would the adults agree to armistice?
    Would the adults agree to amnesty?

    The emotions are at play again.

    Conflict Resolution strategies must be brought into the mainstream of public life. Conflict
    Resolution Programs will be implemented for:
    •        Nonviolent Communication
    •        Negotiation and Mediation
    •        Amnesty and Reconciliation

    Disarmament, Reduction Of Arm Sales, Nuclear Weapon Elimination Plans, and De-
    militarization will be demanded.   Specialists, such as William Ury of the Global Negotiation
    Project and Marshall Rosenberg, founder of Nonviolent Communication will be enlisted.  
    Religious, spiritual, and ideological organizations will be invited to participate.  

    Where there is peace – we want continued peace and the assurance of continued peace.
    Where there is conflict – we want the conflict to end.
    Where there is war – we want the war to end.
    Where there is violence – we want the violence to end.

    See Nonviolenct Peaceforce (NVPF)
    See Anger
    See Psychology

    See Serious –
           Demand / Insist / Mandate


    “Global Action to Prevent War”, by Randall Forsberg and Elise Boulding.

    Gene Sharp wrote in Making the Abolition of War a Realistic Goal, “perceive the existence
    and effectiveness of an alternative nonmilitary means of defense.”
    pdf  Published in 1980

    Global Negotiation Project

    Education for Peace International  -  Dedicated “To the Children”


    We are women dedicated to the cause of international disarmament.
    We oppose our government's enormous military expenditures and urge that our country's
    wealth be devoted, instead, to meeting needs such as education, housing, health care,
    and protection of the environment.

    Education (Ruth and Noel)

The United Nations was developed to help resolve all conflicts
    and this system is designed to help the UN.

How beautiful the world is when we live and work together in peace.
Global Strategy of Nonviolence
Mother Theresa said, “Peace begins with a smile.”
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