Margarita Papandreou

    Dear Andre Sheldon, this sounds like a positive initiative and
    especially if you line up a group of women who have experience
    with working for a culture of peace, that is, for non-violent solutions
    to conflict. I am interested in participating, but I would like to hear
    more about your plans and strategy. It is not an easy mission.  We
    had one of the largest anti-war movements ever seen prior
    to the war in Iraq which included not only non-governmental
    organizations, but many governments and outstanding
    personalities throughout the world. Despite this, the US
    Administration went ahead with a war on the Iraqi people.
    We have to think carefully as to how we can be effective.
    Ela Gandhi

    "As I said it is one initiative in many and it is a good initiative as
    women are deeply affected by  violence. How you take it forward
    is a strategy that you will have to come up with.  I can only support
    you at this stage in my life as I have a million things to do myself
    and am not in a position to take on another initiative.
    Best wishes,
    Ela"                                                                                    2/19/07

    "Hi Andre,
    Yes I have received your request and I will take the script with me.  
    Hopefully I will be seeing her and then I will pass it on to her.  She
    is indeed a great person.
    Best wishes,
    Ela"                1/16/07  re: Arundhati Roy

    Howard Zinn, author, activist

    "Your "Call to Women" is excellent. Well written, clear, strong.  
    No doubt women represent non-violence best.  … The process
    can start with a stirring call to action, but it has to be initiated by
    women, and then use the internet to spread the word, get tens of
    thousands of supporters. There's nothing wrong with your call. It's
    just a matter of finding the significant others to sign it and be
    willing to have it circulated widely.        
    Best wishes,  Howard"                                                   10/25/04

    "You certainly have organized this campaign very carefully, very
    thoroughly.  It's an impressive plan. …Altogether, it is an admirable
    and important idea. It needs to be adopted by individuals and
    organizations that already exist, so you don't have to start from
    scratch mobilizing people."                                                9/27/06

    Sister Joan Chittister
    Co-Chair of Global Peace Initiative of Women,
    Co-Chair of Tikkun

    "Andre, this is wonderful work that you are doing. I will do a column
    on this and begin to insert it into all my public work.   …I'm very
    grateful for your vision, your courage and your creativity.
    joan, osb"                4/29/07

    Father John Dear, author

    "Thanks for writing. I'd be happy to help in any way, as advisor, or
    whatever...."                                        9/19/06

    "Peace. Thanks for all you are doing.
    I don't know what I can do to help,
    but I would be willing to help."                10/14/06

    Dr. Helen Caldicott
    Founder of Women Actions for Nuclear Disarmament (WAND), Physicians for Physicians
    for Social Responsibility, and the Nuclear Policy Research Institute (NPRI) http://www.

    "I think this is a very good idea, which if developed should be very carefully thought out. I
    would be interested in participating, however I am at the moment totally involved in
    organizing a major symposium in Washington DC in January.   … I am interested in
    discussing further ideas with you."                11/28/03

    Phyllis Bennis

    "It does indeed sound like an interesting concept."                1/3/05

    Rabbi Lerner
    Co-Chair of Tikkun

    "The idea of me “letting women” lead would be patriarchal and hierarchical. When women
    create a movement that accords with the analysis and strategy I describe in The Nation, I’ll
    join."                                                  4/12/06

    Randall Forsberg, director of IDDS

    "A Call to Women sounds like a good idea -- but I hope you can get a female partner to
    make the call!"                        10/24/05

    Meria Heller
    Meria Heller, Internet talk show host

    "I like what you're doing and how it's coming along so far.
    Women for peace is key.
    Love, Meria"                                9/16/05

    "I mentioned Dr. Caldicott's name to Rev. Joan Campbell, and ironically she has met her
    and has great admiration for her.  She told me that many years ago, she was inspired by
    her work.  I would love to meet her and see how we can collaborate on this Council.  We
    have in our network women leaders from around the world."          January ‘04


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