Letter to Naomi Klein

    A Plan to Create the Effervescent Movement to unite the people of the world you called for

    June 21, 2019

    Namaste Ms. Klein.  The world is becoming more and more divided
    and violent.  The people must unite!  This is a formal request to
    ask you to facilitate the plans for the start of a
    WORLD-WIDE UNITY CAMPAIGN to unite the people of the world,
    all the movements, all the religions, and all the mayors and
    community leaders in every village, town, and city!  You and
    powerful activist leaders can make it happen and the key is
    to get it started!

    You wrote, “… strengthening the threads tying together our
    various issues and movements – is, I would argue, the most
    pressing task of anyone concerned with social and economic
    justice.” The following plan is the one you are looking for.

    What is the issue that will unite everyone?  What did Gandhi and
    King have in common?  Did they not both encourage their
    constituents to commit to nonviolence, “to ‘seek justice and reject
    all injustice’ and to dedicate themselves to the principle of
    nonviolence ‘no matter how great the provocation’
    (Papers 4:104; 105).”   

    You said about the current resistance movement, "This is a
    nonviolent movement and committed to being so."  
    Here-in lies the strength.  It is time to commit to nonviolence
    and make nonviolence the GOAL!  

    Therefore I humbly, but BOLDLY, submit that a plan for a Global
    Movement of Nonviolence, For the Children (GMofNV) is prepared
    in which everyone can participate!  The mechanisms are in place
    and the catalyst to implement the plan is prepared.  Nonviolence
    offers the direction the world must take therefore committing to
    nonviolence should be the new narrative – along with committing
    to working together for humanity – helping others.  The reason:
    to defuse the threat of violence.

    You wrote: “… build the kind of radical movement that has a
    genuine answer to the hate and fear.”  What better way to
    reduce hate and fear, and show respect, than to commit to
    nonviolence.  You are the person that can ask everyone to join!  
    WHY?  I believe it is because you represent nonviolence.  By
    promoting nonviolence first, you and the environmental movement,
    and all the movements can attain their own goals.  

    What is the motivation?  There still needs to be something that
    motivates people directly.  Research has shown that the answer
    is the CHILDREN.  Violence, war, poverty, and climate change
    threaten the children and their future, literally and rhetorically.  
    It has been found that the people in every country want their
    children to grow up in a safe and healthy environment.  

    The world needs leaders now, heroes, to show the way.  
    Grassroots organizations are everywhere.  Now it is time to tie
    them altogether!  You can unite the world via a GMofNV, For
    the Children!

    Why did the SCLC, Southern Christian Leadership Conference
    elect Martin Luther King as its president?  Was it because they
    thought that he was a great leader?  Did they need a leader?  
    Why?  The Civil Rights movement was a very large grassroots
    organization.  What would leadership do?  Would it help to inspire
    people to participate?  

    You are the leader the world needs but there needs to be a plan, a strategy for leaders to
    capture the world’s attention!  A strategy is ready and is based upon the desire and
    strength of nonviolence exhibited in the Women’s March on Washington.  Currently
    millions of women are watching the Women’s March Facebook Page and Website, waiting
    for the next big event.  The strategy proposed is to enlist the women of the world as the
    PEACEMAKERS to promote a GMofNV, to be the “first” to proclaim their commitment to
    nonviolence – a new Global Peace Movement!  The women ask everyone to join!  This is
    the strategy you are looking for.  Women have already been leading the way.  The
    Women’s March has “set the stage” for the world to unite!

    A comprehensive strategy to enlist the women of the world is prepared at www.GSofNV.
    org   Many of the specific steps are NOT on the website.  I would like to request an
    audience as soon as possible to discuss the specific steps that are confidential.  A
    GMofNV will not solve all the world’s problems and it will not be easy.  It will be risky and
    dangerous, as Gandhi and King experienced, but without them, their movements would
    not have achieved all that they did.

    In 2014, Columnist Suzanne Goldenberg, of the Guardian, wrote, “Klein hopes to set off
    the kind of powerful mass movement that could – finally – produce the radical changes
    needed to avoid a global warming catastrophe.”  You can accomplish your goal by uniting
    the world via a peace movement – a Global Movement of Nonviolence, For the Children.  
    The steps have begun everywhere and are highlighted beautifully by Campaign
    Nonviolence’s call for “people everywhere—to be part of an unprecedented movement-of-
    movements for a culture of nonviolence free from war, poverty, racism and environmental
    catastrophe.  Now all the movements, religions, and leaders must unite to promote a
    GMofNV!  THE WORLD NEEDS LEADERSHIP.  The world needs you now!

    Without a GMofNV, the climate change movement and the peace movement will fail.  A
    GMofNV leads to social, economic, and political paradigm change.  

    YOU CAN MAKE IT HAPPEN!  It is time for you to facilitate the implementation of a Global
    Movement of Nonviolence, For the Children (GMofNV).

    Peace and Love, Andre and the team at GSofNV:  Rose, Jan, Libby, Don, Carol, Joan,

    Andre Sheldon

    Andre Sheldon
    Director, Global Strategy of Nonviolence  
    Facilitator, CALL to WOMEN, a World-Wide Unity Campaign
    Cell number: +1-617-413-9064, Home number: +1-617- 964-5267
    Email:  Andre@GlobalStrategyofNonviolence.org           
    Website: www.GlobalStrategyofNonviolence.org  
    Facebook: Global Movement of Nonviolence

    P.S.  I am a man, a person, 66 years old, who believes society can change from a male-
    dominated society to a partnership society (cultural transformation theory from The
    Chalice and the Blade by Riane Eisler) and am dedicated to help bring it to fruition.  


    Louise Diamond - Author, Activist                                                 
    “Andre, Thanks for sending the information on your wonderful project.  The children are
    indeed a unifying force, and women are indeed the active agents of a most great peace.  
    Your GSofNV/Call to Women can enliven the spirit of peace that we so desperately need
    on the planet in these days.”

    Howard Zinn - author, activist  - (Howard was my confidante)
    “Your ‘Call to Women’ is excellent. Well written, clear, strong.  No doubt women represent
    non-violence best.”

    Riane Eisler – “I was moved by your deep understanding of my work, your quotes from
    Chalice, and your commitment to empowering women.  Your initiative is great...”

    Gila Svirsky - Co-founder of Coalition for Women for Peace        
    “I completely agree with your vision and overall approach – to mobilize women to lead the
    way to peace.  This has been core to our peace activism in Israel for almost 20

    Federico Mayor (May-yore), Former Director General of UNESCO wrote to me:

    “The world needs a peace movement now!”.  Yes, right now.  Otherwise, it can be too
    late.  We are facing challenges that are potentially irreversible and therefore humanity
    can reach points of no return.

    I fully support your initiative.

    Tell me please how I can effectively assist you.”

    Noam Chomsky – Author, Activist
    “I hope your effort achieves the resonance it should.”


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