Thomas Merton, in Gandhi and the One-Eyed
    Giant , Chapter One, stated,

    “Nonviolence heals and restores man’s nature,
    while giving him a means to restore social order
    and justice.”

    Nonviolence heals and restores man’s nature.  What a beautiful
    concept.  No matter how bad situations may be, there is hope.  
    Nonviolence has the ability to make you feel good.  Even more
    important, is the fact that nonviolence is part of a healing process
    when there is conflict or the conflict is over.  There will always be
    conflict.  People must find a way for society to respond.  
    Nonviolence offers a method of reconciliation.

    Nonviolence (NV) allows for new thought and ideas.  There is a
    goodness and kindness in nonviolence.  Nonviolence allows us to
    feel good about what we are doing.  NV allows us to smile during
    confrontation instead of crying from death and destruction.  Mother
    Theresa said, “Peace begins with a smile.”  NV allows us to have a
    brightness and cheerfulness about our work.  NV allows us to
    resolve problems peacefully.  Therefore, nonviolence offers a
    proactive strategy to prevent conflict.

    The power and strength of nonviolence is enormous!  Mahatma
    Gandhi said, “Non-violence is the greatest force at the disposal of
    mankind.  It is mightier than the mightiest weapon of destruction
    devised by the ingenuity of man.”

    Each day our world is becoming more violent and going in the
    wrong direction.  After 9/11, after the war and violence in Iraq,
    Israel, Lebanon and Gaza, and the rhetoric between Iran, Syria,
    and the U.S., people around the world are waiting for something
    different, a new vision!  The world needs a counter balance, a
    movement for world-wide unity and nonviolence, giving credence
    to the moderate voice and showing mutual respect.  Therefore,
    a World-Wide movement of NONVIOLENCE is proposed.


    The modern world is in turmoil with violence escalating everywhere.  
    Is nonviolence a viable solution to problems?  Is nonviolence able
    to solve a major world conflict?  There are examples of when it has
    worked and when it hasn’t.  However, it may depend on the level of
    commitment.  There will be pain and sorrow with both violence and
    nonviolence.  The question should be, if enough people practice
    nonviolence, for a long enough period of time, will it work?  And,
    how much less pain, death, and destruction will there be in the
    long run by following a path of nonviolence?  There are a multitude
    of articles, speeches, and books about the attributes of
    nonviolence.  One could postulate that thousands, if not millions,
    less will die from a nonviolent struggle than from war.  Therefore,
    it is recommended that every country in the world make a commitment

    We need to practice nonviolence as individuals and as societies.  But, not just practice,
    we must exhibit it so that others see it and know they are not alone.  

    What if people in every village, town, and city, in every country of the world committed to
    nonviolence?  What if there was a “Global Strategy of Nonviolence?” A strategy that
    states:  We come in peace, we offer the olive branch, we are not a threat, we are not
    enemies, we are all part of the family of the human race, we have common bonds, we
    apologize for our misdeeds, we forgive your misdeeds, we need to heal the wounds.

    The strategy must be bold, large, and different.  The strategy must be strong enough to
    confront the behemoth of globalization and military psychology, a David vs. Goliath.  An
    OVERT EXHIBIT OF NONVIOLENCE is needed to start a global action that will break down
    borders and build bridges.  The “Global Strategy of Nonviolence” calls for an “OVERT
    EXHIBIT” of nonviolence.  

    We need practical methods to, step by step, find peace.  We also need idealistic, symbolic
    inspiration.  A “Global Strategy of Nonviolence” is a new political philosophy which both
    provides inspiration and delineates practical methods for creating peace.  


    The peace movement is up against a Behemoth, and not just in the United States.  The
    world corporate and military machine that fuels violence is powerful.  The answers are not
    to be found by Democrats or Republicans, or by the Bush Administration.  There must be
    a people movement.  Howard Zinn, author and historian, stated he “now will only follow a
    people movement.”  Therefore, it is respectfully suggested that the movement must be a
    global, nonviolent, people movement.  


    For a movement of this magnitude, it is proposed that a catalyst is needed.  A catalyst
    would have to represent nonviolence and generate global media attention.  Therefore, it
    is respectfully suggested to utilize the strongest representative of nonviolence possible,
    women!  The name of the plan is called a “Call to Women, a World-wide Unity Campaign.”  
    Women and Nonviolence are a perfect match!  The sages throughout time have been
    telling us the answer to conflict.  It is NONVIOLENCE.   But, a commitment to nonviolence
    will be very difficult and needs something out of the ordinary that represents nonviolence
    to empower people.  I recommend WOMEN.  Women, leading the way, proclaiming
    nonviolence, have the ability to transcend national, religious, ideological boundaries.

    It is suggested that the correlation of Women and Nonviolence (NV) is the “trump” card,
    the motivating tool, to enlisting and empowering women.  Not just in the US, but women all
    over the world!  The power and strength of nonviolence is enormous!  Women will relate
    to it.  It should be a major element in all presentations.  Currently, it is not proclaimed, yet
    alone hardly mentioned.  Everyone should first commit to nonviolence by taking an Oath
    of Nonviolence.  


    Everyone should first commit to nonviolence by taking an Oath of Nonviolence.  

    In the movie “Gandhi,” Gandhi was confronted with people’s fear, violent retaliation and
    willingness to die.  His response was, “I praise such courage.  I need such courage
    because in this cause I too am prepared to die, but my friends, there is no cause in which
    I am prepared to kill.  Whatever they do to us, we will attack no one, kill no one.  They will
    imprison us, fine us, seize our possessions, but they cannot take away our self respect, if
    we do not give it to them.”  He said, “We will not strike a blow.”  Also, “…must prove
    ourselves worthy” and  “Let us take a solemn oath.”  Gandhi’s fellow leaders concurred
    and declared to their followers, “We will not raise a hand.  They expect us to lose heart or
    to fight back. We will do neither.”  


    “With respect, we, the women of the world are declaring that we will not allow war in the
    world and we will intervene with every NON-VIOLENT means possible to prevent it or stop
    it!  We do this “For the Children.”

    To empower people, MLK wrote about nonviolence, “It gives them new self respect.  It
    calls up resources of strength and courage that they did not know they had.  Finally, it so
    stirs the conscience of the opponent that reconciliation becomes a reality.”


    Is nonviolence able to be purposeful or instrumental in achieving a mandate in the world
    for peace?


    Following a nonviolent path allows others to see and learn from other examples.  People
    can then make their own choices.


    Following a nonviolent path is difficult, requires sacrifice, and often involves confronting
    mortality; but it is possible.


    Men will support NV


    A “Call to Women” will be the “largest, nonviolent” movement the world has ever seen!  
    There will be demonstrations in every village, town, and city in every country, creating the
    Largest NONVIOLENT PEACEFORCE in the world.

    The peace movement is sputtering, making a lot of “slow” progress, but not really
    confronting the major issue.  The major issue is in itself extreme!  The major issue is
    violence.  To combat violence, another major extreme is needed.  Therefore a major
    initiative of NON-VIOLENCE is needed.  

    See Commitment to Nonviolence

    See what women are doing about violence
    A Call to women directly confronts violence!

    See VDay


    Jonathan Schell wrote in The Unconquerable World, about nonviolence, “It now must be
    brought to bear on the choice between survival and annihilation.  It is powerful because it
    sets people in motion, and fixes before their eyes what they are ready to live and die for.  
    It is dangerous for the same reason.  Whether combined with violence, as in people’s war,
    sustained by a constitution, as in democracy, or standing alone, as in satyagraha or living
    in truth, it is becoming the final arbiter of the public affairs of our time and the political
    bedrock of our unconquerable world.”

    See Peace on Earth

    Gandhi (in the movie) knew of the inner struggle involved; he knew of the anger there
    would be against the opposition, but he said that we must “fight the anger, not provoke it.
    … An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind. … The devils are in your own heart
    and that’s where the battles should be fought.”

    Gandhi’s reality of trying to bring about change led him to profound convictions.  “Change
    their minds, not kill them for weakness that we all possess. …Resistance must be active
    and proactive … must defy authority, not with violence but with a firmness that will open
    their eyes.”

    Most profoundly of all were Gandhi’s commitment to nonviolence and his awareness of the
    risks.  Gandhi said, “If we obtain our freedom (objective) from murder and bloodshed, I
    want no part of it.”

How beautiful the world is when we live and work together in peace.
Global Strategy of Nonviolence
Mother Theresa said, “Peace begins with a smile.”
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