A Call to Women is a guideline to peace.  First, we, the people of the world,
    must have peace within ourselves.  If we have peace within ourselves, we can
    have peace in the world.  Exhibiting peace within ourselves helps others to
    find peace.  The path of a Call to Women is a pathway of leadership and
    teaching.  The pathway is also about following and being a student for we are
    always learning.  We are on this earth for a short period of time.  While we are
    here, as cognizant and sentient beings, we will help others to learn to survive.  
    Therefore the purpose of life is to experience life and to inform people what we
    have learned to make it easier for them.

    A Call to Women is designed to illustrate a path of respect for all living
    organisms and an understanding of each circumstance of life being a
    reflection of how our own mind sees it.  As the Buddhist teacher states:  
    You can affect your action (karma).  You can diminish your anger.  Plant the
    seed and it will ripen.  You can have control of thought (mindfulness) and you
    will exhibit action through your body, speech and mind.  

    A Call to Women follows the same basic tenets that religions and spiritual
    organizations have professed throughout time.  A Call to Women is an exhibit of love.  A Call to Women
    is empowerment.  The strength comes knowing there is unity and nonviolence.  A Call to Women
    includes everyone.  There is strength in diversity.

    We have learned that we are strong.  Our inner peace, interconnected with others, world-wide,
    transcends all boundaries of nationalism, religion and ideology.  We can cope with any hardship.  There
    will be difficult days ahead, but we can survive.  How do we survive?  Knowing, no matter what, we will
    not go to war!

    In a Call to Women, there is no judgment that women are better than men, no statement that women
    have all the answers, or are right or wrong, or are predicting the future.  A Call to Women is a movement
    for all people, led by women as a statement that there is a different pathway desired for peace.  A Call to
    Women does not proclaim it is the only method for peace, or the best path for peace.  A Call to Women
    is a statement that we are not your enemy.  Reflecting or meditating about peace will liberate us from
    our conditioned existence.

    In a Call to Women, it is assumed women, as well as men, prefer peace and
    nonviolence.  A Call to Women is a statement that women are promoting
    peace and nonviolence.  
    A Call to Women is a guideline, not just for ourselves, but for others,
    especially “For the Children,” so that they may grow and prosper in a world
    of peace.   Life is a path for happiness and the elimination of suffering.  There
    is no judgment.  Only love.

    This pathway is a hope that people will see goodness in everything.  We are
    on this earth to honor the beauty of life.  A Call to Women is a healing with
    forgiveness and humility.  There will be no revenge and no reparations.  We
    are starting anew.  Mother Theresa said, “Peace begins with a smile.”  
    Mandela said, “I cannot forget, but I can forgive.”

    See Authors Note to a Call to Women
    See Introduction to a Call to Women


How beautiful the world is when we live and work together in peace.
Global Strategy of Nonviolence
Mother Theresa said, “Peace begins with a smile.”
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