Martin Luther King stated, in the Riverside Church speech,
    “Beyond Vietnam”, April 4th, 1967, “Every nation must now develop
    an overriding loyalty to mankind as a whole in order to preserve
    the best in their individual societies.”  

    Everyone is not going to agree with everyone else.  The key is to
    find common bonds between people and focus on them rather than
    focusing on the differences.  This will not solve all problems, but it
    leads to solving problems.  This is an attempt to “harmonize” and
    live in harmony.

    The world has already seen the value of creating an entity to
    promote unity.  The countries of the world formed the “United”
    Nations.  The purpose of a “Global Strategy of Nonviolence” is
    to expound upon the virtues and assets of what has been
    developed before.

    A World-Wide Unity Campaign is designed to empower people.  
    Without the use of fear and oppression, the strength of “unity”
    will empower and initiate paradigm change.  A main commonality
    found is the desire of all people, in every society and country, to raise their children to be
    healthy, happy, and safe.  Therefore, it is imperative that the children are educated and
    socialized to actually see unity to learn from it.  Therefore, the commitment is for the
    children to see world-wide unity!

    To implement such a large endeavor, there must be a catalyst to bring people together.  
    Women, who have been the caretakers of family and society throughout the ages, are
    asked to lead the way, promote peace and to find unity.

    Women around the world are uniting for peace, not for individual
    political gain, but to illustrate the importance of unity.  Women
    intend to lead the way and invite all men to join.  Through
    nonviolence, women intend to prove people are not enemies and
    working together for common goals prevents war.  

    How can people live together in peace and unity?  How can women,
    as a whole, unite about anything, let alone peace?  Just because
    someone or some group says women unite, doesn’t mean that all
    women agree.  There are many points of view about life.  As an
    example, in the U.S. there is a division between people about
    women’s issues such as abortion, homosexuality, drugs, and
    marriage.  Women are divided on these issues.  The following
    link is an exhibit of women gathering together and calling for
    women to unite from their perspective of these issues. They use
    the words, “Women Unite” and they are from a Right Wing initiative.  

    The interesting part of this website is that the “first” reason the
    women describe as their motive is “For the sake of their children
    and grandchildren.”  This is the same motive given for attempting
    to find peace.  This is the proof the children are the common
    ground, but there still is a difference of opinion of how to raise the
    children.  That is fine.  The major question is would any of the
    women desire violence or prefer violence?  Probably not!  WILL
    NONVIOLENCE BRIDGE THE GAP?  Will women work together for
    Nonviolence?  Will nonviolence transcend borders of religion,
    ideology, nationality, and politics?  YES!

    The beauty is that the women have the right to unite for any cause
    they choose.  The answer lies within the main common goal of
    illustrating nonviolence for the children.  The children will learn they
    have differences and the way to solve differences is through
    nonviolence.  Differences are good.  

    The theory is that there is strength in unity, therefore the initiative
    is described as a “World-Wide Unity Campaign.”  We want the
    Children to see world-wide unity and nonviolence!

    See Commitment to Unity

    See Alliance of Civilizations

    See Support for being united 9-24-06

    Patrick Healy, about a book written by Samuel Huntington, a political scientist from
    Harvard University, who wrote a book published in 1996, entitled, The Clash of
    Civilizations and the Remaking of World Order.  Healy wrote in the article, “Huntington was
    a former president of the American Political Science Association and, during the Carter
    administration, coordinator of security planning at the National Security Council.”  
    Huntington’s says in his book the United States needs to emphasize what civilizations
    have in common:  the values and institutions, the art and philosophy and morality, which
    can peaceably cross borders.  “If humans are ever to develop a universal civilization,” he
    writes, “it will emerge gradually through the exploration and expansion of these

    Calleman wrote “…fundamentally about healing, about creating balance both on a
    global and an individual scale.  It is about unifying the East and West, intuition and logic,
    spirit and matter.  It is also about unifying body and soul and healing the traumas that
    prevent us from paths consistent with the wavelike evolution of this Underworld.  Thus we
    are presented with a choice as to whether we want to integrate or oppose the new

    In the Boston Globe, 12/26/05, the Pope called for a “new world order” that can rectify
    ethical and economic injustices.  “A united humanity will be able to confront the many
    troubling problems of the present time,” the pope said, “from the menace of terrorism to
    the humiliating poverty in which millions of human beings live, from the proliferation of
    weapons to the pandemics and the environmental destruction which threatens the future
    of our planet.”

    Boston Globe article by John Hume, winner of the Nobel Peace Prize in 1998,
    entitiled, “The drive for a lasting peace” states,

    “We are living through the greatest revolution in history – the telcommunications, travel,
    and technological revolution.  As a result, the world is much smaller and its leaders face
    major challenges.  The most important one is to create a world in which there is no longer
    war of conflict.
          “Of course, that goal means that instead of sending armies to areas of conflict, we
    should send a philosophy of peace, accompanied by a large delegation of facilitators who
    would promote dialogue among conflicting factions.”

    1st principle        
    “Respect difference, not fight about it.”  (E Pluribus Unum)

    2nd principle
          “Create institutions that respect that diversity.”

    3rd principle
          “work together for common interests – socio-economic development and
    living standards of people”

How beautiful the world is when we live and work together in peace.
Global Strategy of Nonviolence
Mother Theresa said, “Peace begins with a smile.”
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