The following leaders know of or
    are being notified of this initiative.  
    Who will come to the
    forefront to lead?

    Leaders who are assisting:

    Rose Lord, Co-Founder of Global Coalition for Peace (US)

    Sister Joan Chittister – Global Peace Initiative of Women
    (GPIW) and TIKKUN - (US)
    Baroness Angela Harris -  Activist (England)

    Leaders being asked to be on
    the Council of Women:

    Arundhati Roy - Author, Activist (India)

    Margarita Papandreou - Former First Lady of Greece,
    co-founder along with Zeynep Oral of WINPEACE,

    Danielle Mitterand - Former first lady of France
    Queen Noor of Jordan
    Queen Rania of Jordan

    Nobel Laureates:
    Betty Williams - Activist (Ireland)
    Mairead Corrigan McGuire - Activist (Ireland)
    Jody Williams - Activist (US)
    Shiri Ebadi - Attorney, Activist (Iraq)

    I have spoken with, met personally
    or been in communication with:

    Ela Gandhi - Granddaughter of Mahatma Gandhi (S. Africa)
    Yolanda King - Deceased daughter of Martin Luther King (US)

    Helen Caldicott - Co-founder of Wand (Australia)
    Medea Benjamin - Co-founder of CODEPINK (US)
    Kathy Kelly - Co-founder of Voices in the Wilderness (US)
    Gila Svirsky – Coalition of Women for Peace (CWP) (Israel),

    Regina Birchem Former Intn’tl President of Women’s International
    League for Peace and Freedom (WILPF) (US)
    Kathlyn Schaaf – Co-founder of Gather the Women (GTW) (US)
    Meria Heller – Internet Talk Show Host (US)
    Susan Shaer - President of WAND (US)
    Swanee Hunt - Director of Women Waging Peace (US)
    Randall Forsberg - Deceased, Activist, Motivating force behind
    Sane/Freeze Campaign - Nuclear non-proliferation (US)

    I have written emails to:

    Cora Weiss  - The Hague Peace Appeal (Netherlands)

    Hanan Ashrawi - Activist (Palestine)
    Anita Vargas - Former President of World March of Women (Bolivia)
    Eve Ensler - Founder of  VDay (US)

    Kavita N. Ramdas CEO, Global Fund for Women (US)
    Phyllis Bennis - Activist (US)

    Specioza  Kazibwe - Former Vice President of Uganda

    Zainab Salbi Women for Women International  (Iraq)

    Dr. (Rev.) Joan Brown Campbell  - Chair of the Global
    Peace Initiative of Women, World Council of Religious
    Leaders  (US)
    Mary Robinson - Former President of Ireland

    Dr. Jean Shinoda Bolen - Author, Activist (US)
    Barbara Marx Hubbard - Author, Activist (US)

    plus many more

    To Be Contacted:

    Wafa Sultan –  Activist  (Iran)
    Mona Fayad  - Activist (Lebanon)
    Ghazal OmidIranian Canada
    Author of “Living in Hell”
    Madame Rajavi - Activist (Iran)
    Starhawk - Author, Activist (US)
    Marianne Williamson - Author, Activist (US)

    Gloria Steinem - Publisher (US)

    Oprah Winfrey - TV Celebrity (US)

    Susan Serandon - Movie Celebrity (US)
    Jessica Lange - Movie Celebrity (US)
    Vanessa Redgrave - Movie Celebrity (US)
    Jennifer Oneil - Movie Celebrity (US)
    Kathleen Turner - Movie Celebrity (US)

    Whom do you recommend?

    See Advisors (When leaders emerge, prominent advisors will be enlisted)

    Council Member Facilitators

    Andre Sheldon, Founder of GS of NV - Peace Activist

    Since 2002, Andre Sheldon has been researching and
    developing a peace plan that promotes women as the
    catalyst for change in a male dominant world.  His theory
    is that the world must illustrate its desire for nonviolence
    overtly and women, leading the way, will create a critical
    mass of people that mandates all governments to
    eliminate war.  


How beautiful the world is when we live and work together in peace.
Global Strategy of Nonviolence