A GS of NV is an initiative designed to
    capture the world’s attention – the people
    and the media.

    People of the world, did you know that women are mobilizing for
    peace?  Women are conducting initiatives to change the world
    peacefully and nonviolently.  Some initiatives are small grassroot
    operations.  Some initiatives encompass the whole world.  Look at
    these profound names:  

    •        Global Peace Initiative of Women
    •        Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom
    •        World March of Women
    •        Women’s Actions for New Directions (WAND)
    •        Global Women’s Strike

    Who knows about the women’s peace movement or these groups?  
    There are thousands more of these groups and thousands of
    initiatives for peace organized by Non-Governmental Organizations
    (NGOs) such as peace organizations, religious groups, spiritual
    groups, and the United Nations.  Who knows about them?

    Many people don’t know of the work that is done in the peace
    movement, unless they work in the peace movement, are following
    politics, or get an e-mail amongst the hundreds of e-mails one gets
    everyday by people attempting to make them aware.  The media
    does not cover the story adequately.  

    What will bring attention to the peace movement?  What would
    make it a priority?  What would give it credibility?  Is there anyone
    that doesn’t want peace?  

    What if all the women in the world rallied at the same time, to bring
    attention to a single concept, “Women Say No To War?”  What if,
    instead of a call to arms when there is a war, there is a “Call to
    Women” for peace?  Would these actions bring awareness?

    Women have an incredible opportunity at their fingertips.  Women
    are less violent than men and if women don’t want war, they could
    set a precedent, nonviolently, to change it.  Kofi Annan, the
    Secretary General of the UN, said, “The future of the world
    depends on women.”  What a profound declaration!  Not many
    people know of this statement.  How can this change?

    Women leaders from around the world are planning to come
    together to announce a Global Strategy of Nonviolence.  The first
    phase is an awareness campaign.  The plan is to attract the Media.  
    The plans include:

    •        MOBILIZATION of billions of women – CRITICAL MASS
    •        One MAJOR EVENT and many following events to illustrate
    the initiative
    •        Massive advertising campaigns
    •        DEMANDS upon governments and societies to change
    The top PUBLIC Relations executives, Marketing executives, Advertising executives, and
    Publicity executives will be enlisted as advisors.

    FUNDS will be raised to pay for multi-media advertising

    EVERYONE, women and men, will be made aware of the initiative because the initiative is
    planned in every village, town, and city, in every country of the world.  Through the
    POWER of the INTERNET, women will communicate to the world

    The world needs the grassroot operations and it also needs the bold, political
    There is an organization of women called CODEPINK that submitted a petition to the
    White House, March 8, 2002, International Women’s Day, with over 100,000 names from
    people around the world saying, “WOMEN SAY NO TO WAR”.  Who knows about it?

    CODEPINK is valiantly attempting to be visible.  CODEPINK vigiled for months at the White
    House before the war in Iraq started.  Who knows about it?  

    On May 29th, 2002, CODEPINK began vigiling at the White House in Washington, DC.  
    They started on Mother’s Day, May 14, 2006, and stayed there for a month.  Who knows
    about it?

    On July 4th, 2002, the vigil at the White House transcended into a fast, with support and
    participation from prominent people, including Dick Gregory, who is well known for his
    fasting to attempt to stop the Vietnam War, and Cindy Sheehan.  Who knows about it?

    Three cheers to CODEPINK


    CODEPINK asks,” Can you visualize 10's of 1000's of women surrounding Congress &
    refusing to leave - for a week, for 2 weeks, for a month - until Congress has voted no
    more war?”

    What if, what if women around the world would have showed their support for the women
    and men in Washington who are vigiling, protesting, and about to fast, by rallying at their
    own city hall, on July 4th, and every day afterward, under the same rallying cry?

    Women should be supporting the women in DC.  And saying no more war.  Actually, they
    should be saying WOMEN SAY NO TO WAR.  Why?  What is the difference?  If we said,
    no more war, we have to shout it.  If we say, women say no to war, we can whisper it, and
    it will gain attention because it says something more.  It says that there is something else
    wrong, other than war.

    WHAT THIS REALLY IS, is a show of unity.  Who doesn’t want peace?  Isn’t there unity in
    this desire?  How can you dispute the simplicity of it?  How can you dispute the force of

    “Almost wholly unappreciated is the magnitude of the force that will be generated by the
    achievement of unity, an influence ‘so powerful,’ in Baha’u’llah’s words, “that it can
    illuminate the whole earth.”

    The people that are protesting day in and day out need help!  They deserve it.  When
    they fast, the whole world should know about it!   

    That is why world-wide initiatives are needed – to bring awareness.  What if there were
    the largest world-wide initiative ever?  What if all the women in the world rallied at the
    same time, to bring attention to the movement?

    There are those that will protest and fast.  Others that will march.  The masses should
    support the protesters.  Here’s how:  Follow a Global Strategy of Nonviolence.

    CODEPINK is trying to stop the war in Iraq.  In addition, the movement must go beyond the
    pragmatic and reach out to the idealistic.  James Carroll wrote, referring to the end of the
    Cold War, “it was the idealists (the democracy movements in the East, the peace
    movements in the West) who turned out to have perceived what was truly real.”

    The fasting and protesting efforts are to stop the war in Iraq, but what is needed is a far
    reaching request, that everyone in the world can participate in, no more war!

    What the world is really confronting is a concept of invincibility that men have because of
    the way they are socialized.  Boys build their muscles.  As their muscles strengthen, boys
    think they are better than someone that is weaker.  It is a mind-set that is hard to fight.

    What are women really saying?  What is the peace movement all about?  Is it a call for
    paradigm change?  Is it a call for world wide unity?  Is it just a philosophical statement?  Is
    it a political statement?  Is it a non-violent revolution?  Is it a political, philosophical

    How do we achieve world-wide unity?  

    PLAN            Global Strategy of Nonviolence
    Catalyst        “CALL TO WOMEN” - Guideline, Strategy
    GOAL            WORLD-WIDE UNITY
    MESSAGE:    We want the children to see world-wide unity
    Declaration:   MANDATE - NO MORE WAR– De-militarization

    OFFENSE      PROACTIVE PLAN – pre-emptive
    DEFENSE      EMERGENCY PLAN – What to do if …

    Phase 1   CATALYST – Non-cooperative stage
         FINANCIAL CAMPAIGN -         
    Phase 2   NONVIOLENCE - Transition stage
                   CONFLICT RESOLUTION
                   DISARMAMENT – De-militarization – Nuclear Safety

    Phase 3   POLITICAL INFLUENCE – Constructive stage
                   PRIORITIZE SPENDING
                   PARADIGM CHANGE

    First you need a plan.  Then a catalyst to start-up the plan.  Then an awareness
    campaign.  Then an implementation plan, then a transition plan, then a final goal.

    The final goal planned is programs “For the Children.”  This is what must be
    communicated to the world.  

    Carol bellamy said,
    “640 million children without adequate shelter, 400 million children without access to safe
    water, and 270 million children without access to basic health services. AIDS has
    orphaned 15 million children. During the 1990s alone, war forced 20 million children to
    leave their homes.”

    This is appalling!        

    When the opportunity arises,
    There is no plan.
    There is no leader
    There is no chain of command.

    NOW there is!

    There are thousands of peace org’s.
    Thousands of grassroot org’s
    Many visionary, progressive plans(Tikkun, Soros Civil Society, Culture of Peace)

    It is time to Tie them all together

    There are many (thousands and thousands) small actions planned, a few large actions.  
    (It’s too bad.  NO ONE HEARS ABOUT THEM).
    It is time to Bring them attention

    It is time for women to become an international political force.

    It is a time for healing and nurturing
    It is a time for unity and partnership
    It is a time for love and compassion
    It is time, as Carol Bellamy, Director of UNICEF says, for the world and its leaders to
    “recognize their moral, social, and economic responsibility to invest in children - and to
    shift national resources accordingly.”


How beautiful the world is when we live and work together in peace.
Global Strategy of Nonviolence
Mother Theresa said, “Peace begins with a smile.”
Welcome! A Global Strategy of Nonviolence
FOR the CHILDREN A World-Wide Unity Campaign
A Strategy to Bring Peace For the Children and Stop  War
(GS of NV)

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