and the EVIDENCE

To:         All the WOMEN’S ORGANIZATIONS of the WORLD:

    Date:        January 1, 2010  (Example of previous Post)

    A CATALYST for PEACE is here!  An amazing opportunity is at hand.  

    All the social movements are searching for a CATALYST to unify, become as
    large as possible, and create a tipping point.  The following hypothesis
    will show that the catalyst is
    WOMEN, illustrating NONVIOLENCE to Stop War,
    For the CHILDREN!  The objective is unity to create political
    change.  Therefore, an initiative is planned called a

    This is a request for all women’s organizations to unify and
    create a global “People Movement.”  The key element is for
    non-governmental, WOMEN leaders to "Reach into Every
    Household," in a Gandhi / King-like movement and empower
    WOMEN to be the PEACEMAKERS.  Men are included.  A full
    plan has been developed, as a guideline, to be molded and
    shaped by women leaders.  

    The world is waiting for something to happen.  Will it be war,
    or a “proactive” movement of NONVIOLENCE to stop war?  
    By working to stop war, women will affect their own issues
    and all the other social issues.  Nobel Peace Laureate
    Shirin Ebadi wrote, "Without peace all other rights are
    jeopardized.  All of our efforts should be focused on
    stopping war."  Ebadi's website stated her goal: “A peace,
    which covers all children of the world.”  

    WOMEN around the world have been gathering and
    developing strategies to implement their own ideas and
    methods to change the world.  There are an incredible
    amount of initiatives that have already begun.  The
    evidence is overwhelming (See examples below).  The key
    is unifying.  Are these entities, by themselves, enough to
    create a tipping point?  Is Ebadi correct – peace is first?

    Why is this request for unity being made now?  There is a
    DOOR OPEN!  President Obama reached out with the
    OLIVE BRANCH.  Now it is time for the people to unify and
    also reach out with the OLIVE BRANCH.  Obama cannot
    create change alone.  The political obstacles for change
    are enormous.  Women and nonviolence are the David
    against the Goliath of the corporate, military, economic
    thinking, and mindset of the people of the world.  

    Most people would agree that socialization is the main
    agent for change, but what happens when the opportunity
    to be proactive presents itself?  Is there action or is it a missed opportunity?  
    Women leaders are needed to set the plan in motion!  

    The initiative must be global and idealistic to go beyond
    vexing historical disputes.  A CALL to WOMEN promotes
    compassion, forgiveness, kindness, generosity, and
    helping others.  The idealism is transposed into
    pragmatism -- change military spending to humanitarian
    spending.  Dedication and faith are required.  There will be
    sacrifice and risk.  However, change, in itself, is an agent
    of division.  The early followers of Jesus, splitting from the
    Jews and confronting the Romans was contentious.  Why then did Christianity
    take hold?  Was it because of the fact the people were dedicated to helping
    others and would not kill others (nonviolence)?  The key is nonviolence.

    The overall plan is called a Global Strategy of Nonviolence, For the Children
    (GSofNV).  The children must see an effort to create world-wide unity!  A three
    year, three step plan is designed as an "ILLUSTRATION" to capture the world's
    and the media's attention!  The people in every country will be asked to
    influence their own governments via a unified initiative.  

    The initiative, a Call to Women is designed to be exciting and inspirational!  The
    intricacies are complex, but there is a simplicity in setting the plan in motion.  
    The seeds have been planted.  Many WOMEN leaders around the world are
    aware of the plan – for example: Margarita Papandreou, Sister Joan Chittister,
    Helen Caldicott, Cora Weiss, Jehan Sadat, Gila Svirsky, Jean Shinoda Bolen, and
    Ela Gandhi.  Everyone is busy doing wonderful work.  Each organization,
    understandably, has its own agenda.  Kathe Schaaf, founder of Gather the
    Women, learned that it is very difficult to unify women’s organizations.  This is
    why the main idealistic goal of working “For the Children” is important.  The
    purpose is to build bridges and transcend boundaries.  Women leaders can
    make this happen!  

    I predict there will be war in the future.  There will be an incident that stirs anger
    in people and will be the guiding force in violent conflict resolution.  A Call to
    Women is not a cure-all and will not solve the immediate problems.  However,
    when an incident does occur, there will be no way to influence politics.  The
    people must prepare for, practice, and teach (PP&T) nonviolence in advance!  
    While Obama is in office, something must create a people movement.  Women
    are the CATALYST.  

    In conclusion, if women unite and embrace nonviolence to stop war, they can
    change the world.  UN Secretary-General, Kofi Annan wrote, “Women, who know
    the price of conflict so well, are also often better equipped than men to prevent
    or resolve it.  For generations, women have served as peace educators, both in
    their families and in their societies.  They have proved instrumental in building
    bridges rather than walls.  They have been crucial in preserving social order
    when communities have collapsed.”

    A “Call to Women” does not exclude men.  Men should be courting women to
    prevent war, if they truly believe they don’t want war.  This is the test, for men
    and women.  

    People can work together.  People must show each other that they are not
    enemies.  Martin Luther King stated, in the Riverside Church speech, “Beyond
    Vietnam”, April 4th, 1967, “Every nation must now develop an overriding loyalty
    to mankind as a whole in order to preserve the best in their individual

    A “Call to Women” will be the “largest, nonviolent” movement the world has
    ever seen!  The strategy states: We come in peace, we offer the olive branch,
    we are not a threat, we are not enemies, we are all part of the family of the
    human race, we have common bonds, we apologize for our misdeeds, we
    forgive your misdeeds, we need to heal the wounds, we need to start a GLOBAL
    ACTION to “break down borders.”

    The theories, supportive information, and plans are available for review.  A
    complete financial forecast is prepared.  Funding of a non-profit foundation will
    be used to create a PHILANTHROPIC organization and facilitate a "PEOPLE
    MOVEMENT" of humanitarian efforts.  A new socio-economic and political future
    is at hand.  The United Nations will be empowered by a people movement.  It is
    imperative that non-governmental women leaders come to the forefront to
    empower the women as the "CATALYST."

    The time has come for women to rally around the world to prevent and stop war
    and create change, not wait for it.  Who has the VISION, the COURAGE, the
    DESIRE, to create change?  Will WOMEN utilize this opportunity to change the

    Where are the women Gandhi’s?  Helen Caldicott stated her initial reason for
    starting WAND was because she thought women would make the difference.  
    Let’s go back to her original concept and show that she was right.  
    The DOOR is OPEN.

    Happy New Year!  Please contact me at your earliest convenience.

    Peace and Love,
    Meria Heller, Spokesperson

    GSofNV Facilitator:  Andre Sheldon

    Sister Joan Chittister, Co-Chair of the Global Peace Initiative of Women, in an
    amazing speech given at the Omega/ VDay conference in New York City,
    September 11, 2004 said, “The lives of our children, the protection of millions,
    the hopes of all humankind, wait again now for women, from opposite cultures,
    opposite tradition, to step over the line of political hatred to save them.”  

    “If a person with black hair sees a person with red hair, he or she sees someone
    different, but, if a person with black hair sees a child with red hair, he or she
    sees a child.”   Adil Najam, Boston University, International Relations.

    Click here for "Evidence" - part 2

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