Chalice and the Blade EXCERPTS
    By Riane Eisler                                                                                                        Page 1

    Pg 202
    “The life-formative years of childhood will be the active concern of
    both women and men.  Not just biological parents, but many other
    adults will take various responsibilities for that most precious of all
    social products: the human child.  Rational nutrition as well as
    physical and mental exercises, such as more advanced forms of
    yoga and meditation, will be seen as elementary prerequisites for
    healthy bodies and minds.  And rather than being designed to
    socialize a child to adjust to her or his place in a world of rank
    orderings, learning will be—as we are already beginning to see—a
    lifelong process for maximizing flexibility and creativity at all stages
    of life.”

    Pg 197
    “As this caring labor—the life-sustaining labor of nurturing, helping,
    and loving others—is fully integrated into the economic mainstream,
    we will see a fundamental economic and political transformation.  
    Gradually, as the female half of humanity and the values and goals
    that in androcracy are labeled feminine are fully integrated into the
    guidance mechanisms of society, a politically and economically
    healthy and balanced system will emerge.  Then, unified into the
    global family envisioned by the feminist, peace, ecology, human
    potential, and other gylanic movements, our species will begin to
    experience the full potential of its evolution.”

    Pg 196
    “But what is most remarkable is that what many futurists are
    actually saying—practically in so many words—is that we must
    leave behind the hard, conquest-oriented values traditionally
    associated with “masculinity.”  For is not the need for a “spirit of
    truly global cooperation, shaped in free partnership,” “a balancing
    of individualism with love,” and the normative goal of “harmony with
    rather than conquest of nature,” the reassertion of a more
    “feminine ethos”?

    Pg 195  From second Club of Rome report at U.N. (year – 2000)
    In order “to avoid major regional and ultimately global catastrophe,”
    we must develop a new world system “guided by a rational master
    plan for long-term organic growth,” held together by “a spirit of
    truly global cooperation, shaped in free partnership.”  This world
    system would be governed by a  new global ethic based on a
    greater consciousness of and identification with future as well as
    present generations and will require that cooperation, rather than
    confrontation, and  harmony with, rather than conquest of, nature
    become our normative ideals.”

    Pg 195
    “What we lack, as futurist writing stress again and again, is the
    social guidance system, the governing values, that would redirect
    the allocation of resources, including our advanced technological
    know-how, to higher ends.”

    Pg 194 by Erich Neumann, psychoanalyst (Jungian)
    Goddess was symbol of spiritual transformation: “the force of the
    center, which within this cycle passes toward consciousness and knowledge,
    transformation and illumination--the higher goals of humanity from time immemorial.”

    Pg 192
    “As individuals with different needs and desires and interests come into contact, conflict is
    inevitable.   The question directly bearing on whether we can transform our world from
    strife to peaceful coexistence is how to make conflict productive rather than destructive.”

    Pg 191  Salk writes
    of a new science of empathy, a science that will use both reason and intuition “to bring
    about a change in the collective mind that will constructively influence the course of the
    human future.”

    Pg 190
    “Freud’s observations bear out that the androcratic psyche is indeed a mass of inner
    conflicts, tensions, and fears.  But as we move from androcracy to gylany, more and more
    of us can begin to move from defense to growth.  And as Maslow (Abraham- humanistic
    psychologist) observed in studying self-actualizing and creative people, as this happens,
    rather than becoming more selfish and self-centered, more and more of us will move
    toward a different reality: the “peak-experience” consciousness of our essential
    interconnectedness with all of humanity.”

    Pg 189
    “Women and men all over the world are, for the first time in such large numbers, frontally
    challenging the male-dominator/female-dominated human relations model that is the
    foundation of a dominator worldview.”

    Pg 188
    “Often unconsciously, the process of unraveling and reweaving the fabric of our mythical
    tapestry into more gylanic patterns—in which “masculine’ virtues such as “the conquest of
    nature” are no longer idealized—is in fact already well under way.  What is still lacking is
    the “critical mass” of new images and myths that is required for their actualization by a
    sufficient number of people.”

    Pg 187 Erwin Laszlo point out,
    We “cannot leave the selection of the next step in the evolution of human society and
    culture to chance.  We must plan for it, consciously and purposefully.”
    Jonas Salk – Biologist writes, our most urgent and pressing need is to provide that
    wonderful instrument, the human mind, with the wherewithal to image, and thereby create,
    a better world.”

    Pg 186  Erwin Laszlo point out,
    Humans “have the ability to act consciously, and collectively,” exercising foresight to
    “choose their own evolutionary path.”

    Pg 186 “…describing the central human task of how to organize society to promote the
    survival of our species and the development of our unique potentials.  In the course of
    this book we have seen that androcracy cannot meet this requirement because of its
    inbuilt emphasis on technologies of destruction, its dependence on violence for social
    control, and the tensions chronically engendered by the dominator-dominated human
    relations model upon which it is based.”

    Pg 185
    “After five thousand years of living in a dominator society, it is indeed difficult to imagine a
    different world.  Charlotte Perkins Gilman tried in Herland.  Written in 1915, this was a
    tongue-in-cheek utopia about a peaceful and highly creative society in which the most
    valued and rewarded work—and the top social priority—was the physical, mental, and
    spiritual development of children.

    Pg 185
    “But as we have seen, the problem is not men as a sex, but men and women as they must
    be socialized in a dominator system.”

    Pg 183
    “For be it rightist of leftist, Christian or Muslim, the totalitarian solution is nothing more nor
    less than an updating of the androcratic solution.”

    Pg 179
    “The first obstacle is that the models of reality required to maintain male dominance
    require that all matters relating to no less than half of humanity be ignored or trivialized.  
    This monumental exclusion of data is an omission of such magnitude that, in any other
    context, scientists would immediately pounce upon it as a fatal methodological flaw.  But
    even when this first obstacle is somehow overcome and policymakers are provided with
    complete and unbiased data, a second and even more fundamental obstacle remains.  
    This is that the first policy priority in a male-dominated system has to be the preservation
    of male dominance.
           Hence, policies that would weaken male dominance—and most policies that offer any
    hope for the human future will—cannot be implemented.”

    “Logic would dictate that national and international policies would make programs dealing
    with the poverty and hunger of women a top priority.”

    Pg 176
    “Giving top priority to reproductive freedom and equality for women is the only other way
    to halt the population explosion.”

    Pg 175
    “…we can most clearly see how and why under an androcratic system our worsening
    problems are in fact insoluble.”

    Pg 174
    On the basis of current trends, projections are that conditions will worsen, not improve.  
    The gap between rich and poor and between poor and rich nations will continue to widen.  
    And despite greater material output, because of population growth, the lives of the world’s
    growing numbers of poor will in coming years be even worse than they are today.”

    Pg 173
    “Already we are seeing serious ecological imbalances and environmental damage.  We
    are seeing the effects of acid rain, rising levels of radioactivity, and toxic dumps and other
    forms of industrial and military pollution.  Scientists fear increasing concentrations of
    ozone-depleting chemicals could even alter the world’s climate.  The rapid destruction of
    tropical rain forests is also grave cause for concern.  Many species are dying out, and
    predictions are that by the year 2000 hundreds of thousands, perhaps as many as 20
    percent of all species, will be irretrievably lost.”

    Pg 173 Norbert Wiener’s book on cybernetic processes   ***
    “we have a further evolutionary advantage in that we can change our behavior quickly.”

    Pg 171
    “What may lie ahead is the final bloodbath of this dying system’s violent efforts to maintain
    its hold.  But the death throes of androcracy could also be the birth pangs of gylany and
    the opening of a door into a new future.”

    Pg 170
    “The 1985 Statement of the Baha’I Universal House of Justice, presented to world heads
    of state, expressly recognizes that “the achievement of full equality between the sexes” is
    a prerequisite for world peace.”

    Androcracy –
           Andros – man
           Kratos -  ruled (as in democratic)
           Gy or gyne – woman
    The letter “L”
           Linking of both halves of humanity
    Lyo – resolve
           Or set free


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