A Global Strategy of Nonviolence

    To all the people in the world, an amazing opportunity is at our fingertips!  
    The world is ecstatic about Obama’s election.  This is a time for
    “people” to stand up, speak out, and reach out to others with the
    olive branch.

    We, the people of the world, can send a message of unity to the
    new President of the United States and all the leaders of the world
    via a global initiative!  The message is:

    We, the people, in every country, want to have peace with everyone
    in the world and we are not a threat to each other, we do not want
    war, and we will not harm each other!  

    It is my honor and privilege to present for review a
    “people movement” called a “Global Strategy of Nonviolence,
    For the Children” (GS of NV).  A GSofNV elaborates on three major
    elements of unity – children, the common denominator, a common
    desire for no war, and nonviolence to be the path to reach out
    with the olive branch.
    A GSofNV is a global illustration of nonviolence designed for
    everyone to participate.  It is a plan of action.  A major catalyst is
    planned and a marketing plan to capture the attention of the world
    and the media!  As a people movement, a GSofNV is designed to
    assist leaders to prevent, diffuse, and resolve conflict.  Pragmatic
    steps and idealistic goals are planned for changing military
    spending to humanitarian needs.  

    Leaders are needed and representatives of nonviolence.  No “fear”
    is used, only positive, altruistic steps.  A GSofNV is designed to
    prepare for, practice, and teach nonviolence on a daily basis and
    as an “Emergency Plan” in times of trouble.

    A “Catalyst” is planned to set an initiative in motion.   A strong
    representative of nonviolence is suggested – something different,
    readily accessible, already organized in many ways, and usually,
    summarily dismissed – women.  Women are asked to be the
    diplomats and the peacemakers to lead the way for a World-Wide
    Unity Campaign.  Leaders must come to the forefront and issue a
    Call to Women.  Many women non-governmental leaders are
    aware of the concept.  What spark will implement the project?

    The sages throughout history have proclaimed the strength of
    nonviolence.  The election of Obama offers an opportunity for the
    people to support a new global ideology of peace.  Please review
    the following three-page document.  Study my work – Look for
    insights.  Look to see where it can be made stronger, or re-written.  
    My research, theories, and full plans are available for review.   A
    GSofNV is a guideline, a template, and designed for everyone to
    participate.  Let’s work together to inspire humankind!  

    Peace and Love, Andre Sheldon, Facilitator

    Thomas Merton – in Ghandi and the One-Eyed Giant , Chapter One,
    stated,  “Non-violence heals and restores man’s nature, while giving
    him a means to restore social order and justice.”

    The Olive Branch                                      

    Global Strategy of Nonviolence, For the Children (GS of NV)  

    A GSofNV is a strategy to stand up and illustrate the desire for unity!  A GSofNV is based
    upon people power with nonviolence as its strength.  It states that the time has come for
    nonviolence to be the doctrine of all societies and countries.  If we do not harm each
    other, we, the people, can devote our lives to humanitarian needs.

    To accomplish this, the main unifying element will be the children, the basic common
    denominator between all people.  “If a person with black hair sees a person with red hair,
    he or she sees someone different, but, if a person with black hair sees a child with red
    hair, he or she sees a child.”  This is a statement told by Adil Najam, a Boston University
    professor in International Relations.  A GSofNV is based upon the attributes that come
    from the fact that there is a perceived innocence and beauty and a sense of security
    because there is no threat or intimidation from children.  These attributes can be tools to
    unify the world.

    Working for commonalities will help solve the differences.  The children should be the
    focus for three phases:  for mobilizing, for conflict resolution, and for prioritizing
    programs for the children as the long term goal.  It adds idealism and hope.  It will lead
    one of the main objectives – expenditures changing from military to humanitarian

    A GSofNV states:  Whatever an individual’s or country’s political, national, religious,
    spiritual, or ideological beliefs are, we will not harm each other!  We come in peace, we
    offer the olive branch, we are not a threat, we are all part of the family of the human race,
    we are not enemies, we have common bonds, we apologize for our misdeeds, we forgive
    your misdeeds, we need to heal the wounds, we can work together, and we need to start
    a GLOBAL ACTION to “break down borders.”

    •        A global illustration of nonviolence is planned.
    •        A global marketing plan is developed.
    •        A GSofNV is a guideline to be molded by the leaders and the people.
    •        A GSofNV is a plan of action.
    •        A GSofNV includes conflict resolution measures, support for de-militarization,
    nuclear disarmament, conventional disarmament, and arms sales controls.
    •        A GSofNV is designed to send a MESSAGE to the governments of the world.   

    The message is meant to influence everyone.  The main plan is for demonstrations to be
    held in every village, town, and city at the same time.  People have to change themselves
    and their own societies.  Demonstrations, obviously, may not happen everywhere, but if
    the oppressed people see the world following a strategy of nonviolence, they will be
    influenced to follow nonviolence as well.  Leaders convey specific demands and deadlines
    to governments.  The people movement will continue until there are changes.

    NEVER BEFORE has the opportunity been so great to accomplish this feat!  There is a
    new president of the U.S.  Communications happen instantaneously around the world.  An
    initiative must be started as a proactive measure because once there is an incident,
    emotions of anger and retribution will hinder new thought and precipitate the old,
    entrenched thinking of dominance.

    The beauty is that fear is not being used.  The strategy will be to use positive goals that
    make people feel good, such as unifying with all other human beings to illustrate the
    ability to resolve conflict nonviolently to the children.

    In the words of Martin Luther King (MLK), from the book, Strength to Love, nonviolence is
    a “commitment to a way of life.”  MLK said “It gives them new self respect.  It calls up
    resources of strength and courage that they did not know they had.  Finally, it so stirs the
    conscience of the opponent that reconciliation becomes a reality.” How powerful is that

    An initiative is designed and ready for implementation.  The people are waiting for a
    catalyst to change this world!  A catalyst is planned to set everything in motion.  

    The task of creating change is very, very difficult.  The obstacle is a BEHEMOTH –
    military, political, and economic dominance.  Therefore, a strong representative of
    nonviolence is imperative.  The representative must be trained not to fight back and have
    a proclivity for nonviolence.  An unconventional method is necessary – something never
    tried before, but appropriate.

    To be effective, representatives of nonviolence must be common in every village, town,
    and city.  Therefore, based on research (available for review) and logic, the best
    representative of nonviolence found that transcends all borders is women!   

    Gandhi said, “If nonviolence is the law of our being, the future is with women....”

    The combination of women and nonviolence is a formidable force, but is summarily
    dismissed by most.  A GSofNV brings in to question, or challenges, people to investigate
    the strength of women leading the way for peace with nonviolence.  Women are half the
    population.  Women are usually socialized to be less violent than men, therefore women
    have an advantage if promoting nonviolence.  Women will lead the way to expand the
    peace movement to everyone.  Therefore, women leaders are urged to implement a

    CALL to WOMEN, a World-Wide Unity Campaign

    A “Call to Women” does not exclude men.  Can it be assumed that most people, men and
    women, do not want war?  Who were the predominant people fighting in every war
    throughout history?  The answer is men.  If men fought in every war, and people do not
    want war, is it not logical that women should fight to prevent it?  Men should be
    courting women to prevent war, if they truly believe they don’t want war.  This is the
    test, for men and women.  

    All the women’s groups would be notified, then all groups, and then implement a
    marketing plan that includes an event to capture the world’s attention.  First, the core
    group needs to be formed.  If each of the leaders is aware of the efforts, and they each
    contact other leaders, a Call to Women will have begun.   

    Once the ball is rolling down hill, there will be no stopping it.
    WATCH what HAPPENS - Once in action, all kinds of things will happen.

    When the news hits the stands, there will be a reverberation around the world to match
    Obama’s election.  However, women leaders must come to the forefront!  It cannot be
    done without leaders!  They must EMPOWER the WOMEN!!

    •        A Call to Women is a strategy to empower the masses and create political clout  
    •        A Call to Women is designed for 24 months of demonstrations (plus more if
    needed), planned in advance.
    •        A Call to Women plans a one year awareness campaign before the
    demonstrations.  Everyone should know about it.  The first demonstration is
    designed to be an EVENT.  A special plan is designed to capture the attention of
    the MEDIA!  The media will have no choice but to cover it!

    It will be led by women, but it will not be successful just because it is led by women.  It is
    the idealism.  Women should not feel they are superior.  Men should not feel they are
    weak if they follow.  Both women and men will be supporting strength!

    With Obama’s presidency, the expectations around the world are high that change is
    coming.  A people movement is designed to enhance the possibility of change.  If there
    was unity and there were no wars, the problems would be easier to solve.

    People on every continent are the same.  They want a safe and healthy environment to
    raise their families.  They do not want war.  Therefore, a GSofNV is designed to illustrate
    the people’s desire that they do not want war!  

    The people of the world have a new opportunity to support and promote the largest,
    nonviolent peace movement the world has ever seen – a People Movement.  Everyone
    can participate.  Everyone is needed to express their desire for nonviolence and to
    illustrate to everyone else, they are not alone.  

    A GSofNV is designed to include the religious and spiritual world.  There is an incredible
    spiritual movement around the world promoting inner peace, which leads to world peace.  

    The answers do not lie within United States politics, they lie within the whole world politics.  
    A GSofNV is in direct conjunction with the United Nations Millenium Goals and Culture of
    Peace programs by UNESCO.  A GSofNV is designed to work in direct correlation with the
    United Nations and as a people movement, empower the United Nations!

    A GSofNV is a comprehensive plan to create a new political, economic, and social order in
    the world and a new paradigm of humanitarian service.  The plan includes administrative,
    funding, marketing, implementation, and follow-up guidelines.  It is a business plan with
    goals and timetables (as a guideline – available for review).

    IN CONCLUSION, The time has come to lay down the sword, stand up publicly against
    war, and reach out with the OLIVE BRANCH!

    The world needs a movement of nonviolence!  After the election, if peace becomes the
    biggest issue of all, Gandhi’s and King’s tactics will create World-Wide Unity. If the world
    begins to erupt in violence, the people will have experienced an initiative and have an
    opportunity to rise up and implement a new PLAN OF NONVIOLENCE.

    Obama proclaimed being an advocate of change.  The reason was that there was an
    inferred idealism.  The inferred idealism was that the U.S. is strong and can overcome any
    problem.  A GSofNV is idealistic and infers that the people uniting can change the world.  
    The world needs idealism combined with pragmatism to heal its wounds.

    The world needs to know what will happen next.  A GSofNV recommends a movement of
    unity through nonviolence!  Al Sadr in Iraq changed and called for no violence.  King
    Abdullah of Saudi Arabia spoke out and called for tolerance.  Now is the time to utilize
    these signs!

    A GSofNV is a World-Wide Unity Campaign.  The people of the world can agree on three
    major elements:  The children are the commonality, nonviolence is the avenue, and no
    one wants war!  Through these commonalities, all issues of human rights, civil rights,
    social justice, and the environment are addressed!

    To implement a GSofNV, a special impetus is required.  Women are asked to come to the
    forefront as representatives of nonviolence.  A Call to Women is the catalyst!  With
    women leading the way, the inference is that there must be gender equality and
    awareness of violence against women.  The Behemoth can be neutralized by
    nonviolence!  Women and men will proclaim their allegiance to humanity through

    Andre Sheldon, Facilitator, GSofNV
    For More Information and to Volunteer to Help - CLICK HERE

    Starhawk wrote about women standing for peace as the representation of a “vision of
    strength.”  “Real security can come only when we weave a global web of mutual aid and
    support.  As we make larger connections and take action together, we must assert what
    we as women know to be true:  compassion is not weakness, and brutality is not

    Andre Sheldon’s prediction is when women mobilize, new women leaders will emerge
    to promote a partnership society, as Riane Eisler, of the Chalice and the Blade fame,
    and Louise Diamond, author of The Peace Book, have envisioned.

How beautiful the world is when we live and work together in peace.
Global Strategy of Nonviolence
Mother Theresa said, “Peace begins with a smile.”
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