A CALL to WOMEN, a World Wide Unity Campaign

    A Call to Women is a comprehensive plan designed with women as a catalyst
    for the mobilization of the peace movement around the world.  The strategy is
    to have millions of women stimulate thousands of peace, religious, and
    spiritual organizations to join forces and exert political influence on
    governments around the world, on all seven continents.  The key is to be

    A Call to Women is a call for paradigm change, a nonviolent revolution.  It is a
    world unity campaign that is political, spiritual, and ideological.  A Call to
    Women is designed to attract attention, raise funds and attain a “Critical
    Mass” of empowered people.

    A Call to Women is a 3 year plan.  The preparation time required is one year.  
    Plans are being prepared for the initial start to begin September 11, 2020.  
    Preparation could be underway to implement the main thrust of the movement
    June 21, 2021.

    The peace movement currently plans events, conferences and protests one at a time.  A Call to Women
    presents a full schedule of events, developed in advance, and illustrates the final phase so everyone
    knows the steps and the objective.  

    1.  PLANS IN ADVANCE – 3 years – Awareness campaign, Rallies, Programs
    2.  Unity Campaign
    Exhibit of cooperation and common bonds
    Plan of action, but conducted with humility, respect, and nonviolence.
    3.  CATALYST – Empowerment of women around the world
    4.  PEOPLE POWER -  transcends into POLITICAL INFLUENCE

    The campaign includes:

    An Oath of Nonviolence and nonviolent direct action
    The strength of unity will be highlighted by nonviolence
    Commitment to Conflict Resolution, Disarmament, Nuclear Weapons
    Elimination, and a world, non-violent peace keeping force
    Commitment to programs For the Children and
    priority of spending for humanitarian programs
    Creation of an International Political Party
    to function through the United Nations with a commitment to
    International Law, Civil Rights, Human Rights, Market
    Self-Accountability, Social Justice across Class, Race, and
    Gender, and the Protection of the Environment.  

    A Call to Women issues the following PROCLAMATION:

    With respect, we, the women of the world are declaring that we will not
    allow war in the world and we will intervene with every NON-VIOLENT
    means possible to prevent it or stop it!  We do this “For the Children.”

    A Call to Women is a three phase plan (guideline).  

    PHASE 1. Mobilization to include an awareness campaign and an action
    campaign  (All plans and outlines are guidelines, designed to stimulate
    thought and action.)
           (Non-Cooperative Stage)

    Step 1.       Form a Council of Women.  
    In Phase One, the first step is to form an eight-to-twelve member Council of
    Women.  Women leaders have the ability to mobilize masses of women.  
    The Council’s mission is to motivate the masses, empower the masses, through all the peace
    organizations, and attract attention through the media.  The Council will challenge every woman leader
    of peace organizations, every woman celebrity activist, every woman dignitary,
    and every women leader to enlist.  The Council of Women can lead the way.  
    (Plans are subject to review by the Council of Women.)

    Utilizing the same spiritual and moral formula of Martin Luther King, Gandhi,
    and the United Nations, International Decade of the “Culture of Peace,” and
    United Nations Millennium Goals, the Council of Women will challenge all
    women leaders, then all women, all spiritual and religious organizations,
    social movements, peace organizations, non-governmental organizations
    (NGO’s), and grassroot organizations to come together creating a formidable
    political force.  A women’s movement transcends national, religious, and
    ideological borders.  

    After the Council has been created, the plan calls for a major event and intense follow-up.  A Call to
    Women can be promoted primarily over the internet.  The Council of Women will announce they are
    coming together to prepare a proclamation for action for women to serve as a “Catalyst” for bringing
    peace and to begin a new paradigm of humanitarianism.  Women are not going to wait for change to

    The women of the world have to see someone, or a group, be the first to promote the initiative to enable
    them to feel part of the whole and eliminate fear.  Prominent leaders must come together.  

    The Council of Women’s function is to be “visible” representatives of a Call to Women, call for action,
    and participate in major events.  A staff of advisors and directors would administrate and implement the

    Once the Council has been created and staffed, a world-wide awareness campaign is initiated.  The
    awareness campaign is designed to capture the attention of the world, become political, and attract
    billions of dollars in financial support.

    The first year is completely for planning and creating awareness of the movement!  A Call to Women is
    designed to create an awareness that the people of the world can be working towards common goals
    rather than fighting and killing one another.  

    An administrative team will be created to design specific plans for each segment of marketing, political
    planning, conflict resolution, communications, financing, and implementation of the mobilization of

    An advisor team will be created with specialist is all fields to expedite and create the highest quality
    programs and initiatives.

    Step 2.  Challenge all Women - Non-violent Action
    As a catalyst, the Council of Women and the leaders mentioned above would challenge all women, in
    every city, in every state, in every country, to rise up and speak out for peace and support specific
    initiatives on specific dates!   Strength will come from non-violence and millions of people together.  The
    masses eliminate fear, the largest obstacle.

    Example:        24 Major events – One every month, (or more- escalating if need be)
                   In every city, state, and country of the world!

    These events will be duplicated over and over, with more frequency and with more urgency until
    there is recognition.  (Recognition is empowerment.)
    Groups, such as CODEPPINK will lead the way!

    A Call to Women is both an offensive and a defensive plan.  It is an emergency plan telling us what to do
    when and if a disaster takes place.   It is the “practice” of nonviolence tactics before they are needed in
    crucial times!  

    PHASE 2:         Create Conflict Resolution and Disarmament Strategies (Transition Phase)
    Implementation of a World, Non-Violent Peace Keeping Force   

    Plans will be made for women to lead the way, with men, to be on the front lines as a peaceful,
    nonviolent peace force with new means of conflict resolution.  In every country, massive groups of
    women, and men, led by women, will be prepared to intervene in conflict areas.   These massive groups
    will be supported by continual, large non-violent demonstrations in every city, in every country, around the
    world until their missions are adhered to.  Their mission will be prevention, pre-emption, monitoring,
    mediation, intervention, and resolution of conflicts.  Instruction will come from writings such as “Making
    The Abolition Of War A Realistic Goal,” by Gene Sharp and “Global Action to Prevent War”, by Randall
    Forsberg and Elise Boulding.  Unity and partnership, love and compassion will become the peace
    keeping ideology.

    Conflict Resolution strategies must be brought into the mainstream of public life. Conflict Resolution
    Programs will be implemented for:
    •        Nonviolent Communication
    •        Negotiation and Mediation
    •        Amnesty and Reconciliation

    Disarmament, Reduction Of Arm Sales, Nuclear Weapon Elimination Plans, and De-militarization will
    be demanded.   Specialists, such as William Ury of the Global Negotiation Project and Marshall
    Rosenberg, founder of Nonviolent Communication will be enlisted.  Religious, spiritual, and ideological
    organizations will be invited to participate.  

    Every time a war is imminent, the world will see the women arise.  The means to conflict resolution will
    be to ask what and how much is being done For the Children!
    PHASE 3.  For the Children (Constructive Phase)

    Women will insist upon implementing programs that maximize efforts for human rights and safety for
    children around the world.  Programs developed by NGO’s, civil society organizations, religious
    organizations, the U.N., and many other organizations have laid the groundwork and are the key to a new
    paradigm of humanitarian spending.  For the Children programs are the key to unity and partnership.  
    Programs will be created to interact between countries so that the example of working together stands
    out as a deterrent against war and animosity.  (See Examples of programs by Queen Noor)

    A Call to Women is Political.  An International Political Party will be created to function through the United
    Nations, promoting: Adherence to Existing Laws and Treaties, New International Laws and Treaties,
    and Funding of International Assistance Programs.

    In conclusion, a Call to Women, a World Wide Unity Campaign is about political influence.  It is time for
    the women of the world to make history.  The world needs a “mandate”, a mandate for peace!  Women
    need a platform, a stage, a podium in which to call out to the world.  Women have to create it
    themselves.  We call upon all women to rally for peace!  The world needs all the individual efforts for
    peace, and it also needs a unified plan.  The mobilization of women will capture the attention of the
    media, become political, and attract billions of dollars in financial support.  

    A Call to Women is a movement highlighting compassion, generosity and kindness.  The values must
    illustrate that we will not kill you, we respect you.  The efforts of a Call to Women are not only for the
    immediate future, but are also for passing these values on to the next generation.  A “Call to Women”
    will be the “largest, nonviolent” movement the world has ever seen!  The strategy states: We come
    in peace, we offer the olive branch, we are not a threat, we are not enemies, we are all part of the
    family of the human race, we have common bonds, we apologize for our misdeeds, we forgive your
    misdeeds, we need to heal the wounds, we need to start a GLOBAL ACTION to “transcend borders.”

    The strength in a Call to Women comes from Non-violence.  The implementation of Non-violence is
    through spirituality.  Gandhi said, “Non-violence is the greatest force at the disposal of mankind.  It is
    mightier than the mightiest weapon of destruction devised by the ingenuity of man.”  Lao Tsu said,
    “Struggling to achieve unity is not as natural as the spontaneous experience and participation in the


How beautiful the world is when we live and work together in peace.
Global Strategy of Nonviolence
Mother Theresa said, “Peace begins with a smile.”
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